Vortic XR

The team at Vortic wanted to leverage XR to make exhibitions all around the world accessible from your own home. This hadn’t been done before. We were up against brand new tech such as; 3D scanning, real-time gallery configuration and photogrammetry.
The team:
1 Product Designer
1 Unity Engineer
1 3D Modeller
1 Project Manager

How did I have impact?

#1: Working closely with Unity engineers to prototype design solutions early

#2: Working closely with 3D modellers to ensure galleries were photo realistic

#3: Mapping out complex interactions and journeys in depth

What was the result?

The project got featured in Artnet & Financial Times

The Vortic Curate service will be rolled out in April
The full capacity of the platform will be showcased in its first exhibition, a co-presentation of artists from David Zwirner and Victoria Miro.
A special shout out to:

Nick Walter
Oliver Miro
Frankie Cavanagh
Shaun Allan
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