Allica Bank

Alongside a relentless, talented team, I designed and built a business bank from the ground up. FCA compliance, countless curveballs and ever changing requirements made this a tall order.
The team:
3 Product Designers
2 Product Owners
6 Engineers
2 Test Engineers
1 Strategist
1 Researcher

How did I have impact?

#1: Traversing the complexities of KYC compliance and translating it into usable designs

#2: Creating illustrations to be used throughout the product

#3: Frequently providing the team with freshly brewed v60 coffee

What was the result?

They got their banking licence!
Anyone who has worked in the banking space will know how much of a big achievement this is.

The product is being used by SME's
The products we built are being used to create accounts and deposit money.
A special shout out to:

Jani Jegoroff
Joss Wyatt
Theo Letts
Tom Whitbrook
Ashley Cameron
Jason Titter
Ellen Adjei
Aaron Muir
Panos Sartzetakis
John Sanderson