Tesco Groceries

Tesco were struggling to maintain and build upon their existing cross platform app. We designed and built two native apps, focusing on usability, scaleability and accessibility.
The team:
4 Product Designers
12 Engineers
3 Test Engineers
1 Product Owner
1 Agile Delivery Lead

How did I have impact?

#1: Creating and maintaining a cross platform design system

#2: Iteratively improving internal design processes within our project team

#3: Working closely with engineers to ship high quality work

How did it do?

5 star reviews went up by
Average basket value increased by
New app store rating is
The icing on the cake, was that due to the team’s efforts regarding accessibility, thousands of customers with access needs could now do their shopping easily.
A special shout out to:

Iain McConchie
Justin Stach
Megan Shaw
Chris Clarke
Jack Roles
Rob Graham
Sam Dodds
Alex Newnham
The list goes on..
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