Habito’s onboarding was non-existent. This meant that customers were becoming confused before they had even began. The business were also spending lots of money acquiring customers, which was being wasted due to high bounce and drop out rates. Our team reduced this waste dramatically.
The team:
2 Product Designers
1 Researcher
2 Engineers
1 Product Manager
1 Copywriter

How did I have impact?

#1: Leading the team through a thorough discovery period

#2: Developing an implementation strategy for the build phase

#3: Bringing together people from various parts of the business to collaborate

What was the result?

Sign-ups increased by 12.5%
People felt more confident in the service, they understood what Habito did, and they trusted us.

We have tonnes of data now!
From segmenting customers, we now understood our customer base much better than we ever have.

The product has solid foundations
The navigational structure is simple and usable. The visual design is clear and concise.
A special shout out to:

Alastair Jones
John Williams Taylor
Andrea Krndija
Mike Pallett
Daniel Harvey
Afy Nourallah
Emma Roberts
Laura Mahy
Daniel Hegarty
Abba Newbery
The incredible wider design team
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