Shell Energy

Shell are the 5th largest company in the world. Their new venture into the energy sector saw them acquire First Utility. With 700,000 customers, Shell wanted to offer them a brand new multi-platform Shell Energy experience.
The team:
2 Product Designers
1 Researcher
5 Engineers
1 Test Engineer
2 Product Owners

How did I have impact?

#1: Managing relationships with with the team at Shell

#2: Leading the end-to-end design phase

#3: Increasing transparency & communication within the team

What was the result?

We launched an entire new brand and set of products
This is no mean feat when working for a Global titan like Shell. The timelines were tight, the expectations were high and there was a lot on the line.

Increased smart meter usage
The new products drove the uptake of smart meters and offered instant, actionable insight to users.

We created a solid baseline
This was a real MVP release. We made sure the foundations were strong for the future iterations.
A special shout out to:

Sam Humphrey
Joana Cruz
Andrew Stanley
Mitzi Lagerweij
Luke Taylor
Gareth Davies
Jon Hocking
Suyash Srijan
Amr Yousef
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